Güldenpfennig on the way to climate neutrality

G. Güldenpfennig GmbH is committed to take action in various fields of sustainability. Climate protection is a central component of this commitment. By calculating the CO2 emissions at the headquarters in Quakenbrück and offsetting them through a climate protection project in India, the company is acting in a climate-neutral manner while contributing to limiting global warming.

It is seen as part of the corporate mission to make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Holistic climate management means first avoiding climate-damaging emissions, then reducing them and, in a final step, compensating them.

In order to make a contribution to climate protection, employees are offered, among other things, the option of leasing e-bikes, which can soon also be charged at the onsite. In addition, a photovoltaic system is being installed to contribute to environmentally friendly electricity production.

Since completely emission-free operation is not possible, the CO2 footprint for the main site in Quakenbrück was calculated together with ClimatePartner and it was decided to offset the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions through a climate protection project.

Based on the carbon footprint for 2020, emissions of 1,275.7 t CO2e were offset. Since May 2021, Güldenpfennig has therefore been allowed to call itself a climate-neutral company – while this does not mean that it is emission-free.

The selected project for offsetting emissions supports a better and cleaner power supply through wind energy in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Gold Standard certified project includes the installation of 33 wind turbines. When selecting the project, it was important to the team to choose a country that is part of the company’s supply chain.

The climate protection certificate and further information and pictures of the supported climate project can be found here.

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