Karlowsky® receives the Green Button (Grüner Knopf)

For over 130 years, Karlowsky Fashion GmbH has been firmly established in the international workwear market. In addition to the values of tradition, innovation, quality and service, the traditional company from Magdeburg focuses on the topic of sustainability. “Our sustainable products are an investment in the future of our planet and are intended to inspire fundamental change,” says Managing Director Thomas Karlowsky. The greatest possible transparency is a key to sustainable action. As one of about 90 companies, Karlowsky® is allowed to offer products with the Green Button (Grüner Knopf). “Of course we are proud of what we have achieved, it was a hard piece of work, but we can’t and won’t lean back yet. Many more challenges lie ahead of us in the coming years – whether as a company or as a society as a whole.” The goal of becoming one of the most sustainable producers of workwear in the hospitality, hotel, medical, care, wellness and cosmetics sectors is firmly embedded in the company’s mission statement.

The Green Button (Grüner Knopf) is a state seal for sustainably produced textiles. It gives consumers guidance when shopping and sets binding requirements to protect people and the environment in the production process of textiles. A total of 46 demanding social and environmental criteria must be met – from A for ‘waste water limits’ to Z for ‘ban on forced labour’. What is special about the Green Button (Grüner Knopf) is that in addition to the product, the company as a whole is always inspected. This makes the Green Button the first state seal that systematically checks whether companies in their supply chain fulfil their human rights and ecological due diligence obligations. The state sets the criteria and conditions – this creates clarity and trust. Independent inspection bodies monitor compliance with the criteria.

The existing requirements for the Green Button (Grüner Knopf) 2022 have been sharpened and expanded, both for the company criteria and for the requirements for the certified products. This is an important step towards anchoring corporate due diligence in deeper levels of the supply chain.

Karlowsky® also wants to continue to live up to its pioneering role as a manufacturer in the topics of sustainability, quality and safety for people and the environment and is currently working on the implementation of the new catalogue of requirements.

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