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Staying in memory sustainably – with ecological product innovations by mbw®

Everyone enjoys remembering moments or situations that elicit a smile. Often, it’s the small things in life that create such moments; like a small present for the birth of a child, or the gift that’s been given at a housewarming party or possibly a small present at the wedding.

The product range offered by mbw® includes many haptical presents as well as merchandising products with a strong character. Those articles aren’t just simply entering our hearts; instead, they also enter our homes as a present given to us by a guest, a playmate, or as a collector’s item and because of that they have a particularly long lifespan.
The fact that sustainable gifts are no myth is shown by mbw® and their environmentally friendly product innovations:

The cuddly recycle-series made from rPET
The recycle-series features teddy bears and rabbits, other stuffed animals as well as toys for dogs. These products of the recycle-series are produced resource-efficiently and are a testament of how recycling is not just necessary but also astonishingly beautiful. The entire recycle-series is made out of 100% recycled materials, such as plastic bottles etc.

All-over-print shirts for stuffed animals made from upcycled marine plastic
Due to their location in northern Germany, mbw@ has a strong connection to the sea. In the classical merchandising product field, finishing takes on an important role. Mini shirts for stuffed animals have been offered for years and mbw® is constantly on the look-out for more sustainable and customisable options for their customers. During their research they came across the material upcycled marine plastic by the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Waste is collected on beaches, from the bottom of the ocean and from its surface, as well as from rivers and estuaries. It is then cleaned and sorted by material; the plastic is cleaned and together with recycled polyester transformed into yarn made from upcycled marine plastic. The fabric is made from a combination of the SEAQUAL® YARN, recycled polyester and elastane and is used for, among other things, the all-over-printed mini shirts the stuffed animals wear. There are plenty of opportunities to catch people’s attention with these all-over-printed shirts, especially because of their detailed designs. Workwear, sportswear and clubwear can be reproduced in miniature format and is both a great eye-catcher and a sustainable highlight with recycled ocean plastic.

Sustainable rubber ducks
mbw®’s Schnabels® family is constantly growing – and now it’s growing sustainably, because the ducks are made of natural rubber. It can be extracted from the milky juice of rubber plants and is therefore a naturally occurring and sustainably growing raw material. The ducks made from natural rubber aren’t just easy to the touch but also long-lasting, sustainable, biodegradable and save our environment. They are currently available in blue, green, red, yellow and natural white.

With its sustainable products, the company located in northern Germany shows that awareness for the environment, responsibility, emotion, innovations and high quality can be combined perfectly. More information about sustainability at mbw® can be found here.

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