mbw® receives special jury award: Sustainable Product recommended by PSI

The team at mbw® in Wanderup never stands still. Always on the lookout for new ways and exciting projects, last year the company launched, among other products, the RecycelBär® made from 100% used and recycled PET bottles. Sustainability and upcycling are no buzzwords for mbw®, but lived values.

A great approach that mbw® has further developed together with its customer cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH. The result is a special model of the RecycelBär, which wears an upcycled uniform of the discarded Deutsche Bahn workwear. The RecycelBär® pays tribute to the #starkeschiene project and conveys Deutsche Bahn’s goal to limit global warming by means of climate-friendly rails.

With this innovative approach, mbw® was nominated in two categories at the PSI Sustainability Awards 2021: with the MiniFeet® RecycelBär® in the SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT category and in the new INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR category.

Digitally and in festive form, the winners were announced live from Düsseldorf on Tuesday evening, Jan. 12, 2021. Unfortunately mbw® did not receive an award, but the team is very happy about the special prize SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT RECOMMENDED BY PSI. For this award, the jury members were each able to separately mark one product that they would personally recommend.

These nominations and the special jury prize fill the mbw® team with great pride, motivate them and show that they are on the right track in Wanderup with this approach and good teamwork.

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