FARE® is awarded first „Innovator of the Year“

It is done: After intense weeks of preparation, FARE has brought home this extraordinary award. The FARE team did not expect to be the first winner of the new category “Innovator of the year” at the PSI Awards and is very grateful and proud.

The “Innovator of the year” awards the company that not only lives sustainability itself, but also its partner companies. These companies must also be role models in terms of sustainability and have the appropriate certificates. Only when all companies along the value chain meet these requirements does it have a chance of being “Innovator of the year”.

And this is exactly what FARE has proven: “Our long-term supplier and business relationships have contributed to the development of modern production facilities where our products are manufactured today. Along the entire value chain, from purchasing to delivery of our products, we try to follow our sustainable approach. Already during the development of our products, we pay careful attention to the selection and use of materials, even if this sometimes means that we have to accept higher purchase prices.

E.g. products with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified polyester pongee cover material instead of standard polyester pongee cover material or waterSAVE cover material, produced using a new and environmentally friendly dyeing process instead of the classic wet dyeing process.

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