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Güldenpfennig publishes Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability is an important topic in the clothing industry and Güldenpfennig took a further step towards transparency and responsibility last year. With the publication of a short sustainability report for 2023, our subsidiary presents its efforts and progress in a transparent manner.

As in previous years, Güldenpfennig’s activities and progress are described in the areas of Transparency & Supply Chains, Social Responsibility, Chemicals & the Environment, Materials & Processes and Headquarters & Local Commitment. The 15-page report is rounded off by highlighting particularly important key figures and milestones for 2023.

Chapter 1 about Transparency & Supply Chains provides insights into the risk analysis, which is used to systematically record the challenges along the supply chain.
Güldenpfennig is regularly conducting its own factory audits for years in order to emphasize its responsibility towards workers and gain a deeper understanding of social issues such as working conditions. In the chapter Social Responsibility, you can find out how exactly these processes work and the difference between internal and external audits.
Another important topic is the section about Chemicals & the Environment, where you can learn how chemical management audits are carried out and why a chemical inventory is so important.
For anyone who would like to find out more about the use of sustainable materials such as cotton, polyester or regenerated fibres, the Sustainable Materials & Processes section provides interesting insights.
The report ends with information on projects at the headquarters and measures to reduce CO2emissions, which are described in the chapter Headquarters & Local Commitment.

You are invited to take a look at the Sustainability Report 2023 and find out more about Güldenpfennig’s sustainability activities. If you are interested, you can also find more detailed information in the comprehensive Sustainability Report 2021/2022, which provides additional background information on the topics explained in the previous years.

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